We possess an understanding that always raises the standards in production. We follow advanced technology and ever-shifting sectoral applications and apply them in the fastest way to our production process. We work for 100% customer satisfaction with our approach not to concede from speed, quality, and expertise, integrated with our long-standing expertise.


We work to possess the fastest and most trustworthy production process in the sector with our expert team and advanced mold room. We create molds of a product our customers want, we test its reliability with the fullest extent possible control and inspection mechanism, and we only present the best mold to our clients.


In order to manufacture the highest quality production, we are aware of the necessity of having the latest technology, in addition to supplying the right equipment. As Gungor Plastic, we update our machinery continuously, and we closely follow the latest technology. Our machinery that present advanced inspection mechanism and control process, are observed constantly on the basis of wide range of areas such as quality, speed, reliability, and sustainability, we also work meticulously on the subjects of maintain and repair, we follow the sectoral innovations and keep pace with these innovations as we see fit.

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